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charley opera mask
I certainly hope this doesn’t break any rules or messes up the order of things ><;; , but--

Can somebody help me with buying some Nanae Chrono items? I’m starting out by looking for the artbooks and items related to the Vassalord series—Japanese or English manga & I’m interested in buying a copy of the ova. The Vassalord ova was amazing and I’d love to own it. I know I’m late to the ova dvd game, but if anybody can help me out I’d really appreciate it! Those things are at the top of my list. After those I’m interested in buying other Nanae Chrono works/items, but I figured I should choose a starting place and not to just jump in without thinking. ^^;;

m( _ _ )m Please point me in the right direction or give me some advice in buying Nanae Chorono items. If anybody knows a good (not overly expensive) place to find them, knows somebody who is willing to part with their own items, or a relatively reasonably priced way of getting items; do let me know! I just recently became a fan and would like to own more Nanae Chrono items.

I have no idea how to even go about buying books or things from Japan. I've only ever ordered from American based stores like RightStuf or Amazon. Any advice?

Again, I hope I didn’t break any rules and would greatly appreciate the insight!

Thank you very much!!
31st-Mar-2013 12:49 am - So I learnt this trick
drink it away

You may be, like me, fruitlessly hounding for scans of Senki Senki Momotama and realise that Beats has basically been letting people read certain chapters online for free at certain periods. Right now it's Chapter 51.

I've found a way to read the previous chapters that they've uploaded online. Just take the url of the page, for example, this month's url :


Observe the part that says 'Beats130325_momo51'. 130325 is the date that it was released in Japanese format, yymmdd, and 51 is the number of the chapter. To read previous chapters, count back the number of months (it's 2 months every chapter backwards) and change the chapter number accordingly. For example, chapter 49 will be 'Beats121125_momo49'. It only works until about chapter 48, but if you still want to read those chapters, it's a go.
I'm late as always lately <_<

The latest avarus if latest and final chapter of Vassalord. was released recently. As each year before volume release we get to have lovely colour page as well. And its' hack of an awesome colour page, seriously it's pink and I don't hate it o.O.

Also the girls at noblefangasm released scanlated ch 25 so go and grab it :D

And extra note from me personally.

Ever since OVA was announced I said I'll be in Japan when it's released and I'll try my best to grab few copies for you guys as well. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. I wrote to animate just to get a replay saying they can't help me and I need to contact the store @ which I'd like to buy copies (cause manager will have to take in account there is a costumer that wants to buy few possible a lot of copies) and that would be all fine but the stores do not have e-mails (don't ask me why. Japan is behind time at some strange places) so I'd need to call them to preorder but that's an expanse I can't afford. I asked my friend to call them instead but she said that calls inside Japan are expensive as well so she can't help there. I may get an update in following week since she'll finally have a chance to go to an actual animate store, but considering I'm leaving on 1st March it'll probably be to late for me. So my current plan is to go to store on the release date and grab whatever I can (since I have to grab few copies for close friends as well). So if there is anybody among you that wants the OVA badly enough, doesn't have any other way and trusts me enough we can still make a deal. Since i'm short on money it would involve you to sending me money up front and I guarantee to return it all if I can't get a copy for you. If interested please PM me, also note this is something I'd like to sort until end of the Sunday, including money transfer if any will happen. offer closed
26th-Jan-2013 01:37 am - Vassalord OVA ~~~ colors & co.~~~
animate has a special page, with additional charterer designs, for Charley (OMG those wings and iron maiden :3) and Jonny (that pendent and sexy but <3) in colours (Marie not), and few additional screenshots that are fucking pweeeteah *sparkly eyes*
now excuse me, I'm of to ketch my breath again ^^'

EDIT: and before I get lost in my fantasies... Momotama ch 50 is out o/ (ch 49 still on the site - DL links some other time).

EDIT2: Apparently I'm behind the time a bit ^^ I was looking at different anime page compared to the one ANN linked when I posted previous news, appears that the link above is actually old, sorry about that, i was .... a bit to exited ^^'
22nd-Jan-2013 05:14 pm - Vassalord OVA preview
Just saw ANN news.
Her you go. ... I'm not sure if I've squealed  more over the little bit moving Charley and Rayflo or the super lovely theme song ^^' (love it, both :D)

EDIT: and yeah I guess my memory was foggy with reason. Christelle Ciari the child version of Charley an apparently its so now because they need someone to speak fluently foreign language. Since she's half French I think its safe to say it's cannon that Charely and Rayflo meet in France (just saying cause i can't remember if it ever way said in the manga or not xD)
22nd-Jan-2013 11:56 am - Selling few Chrono Nanae items
Hello, everybody!

I have few Chrono Nanae items that I'd like to sale. Majority of them are doujinshis, but few manga and signed pocket watch are there as well.

Please take a look.

P.S.: Items are a bit scattered throughout the post so use ctrl+f if you're only interested in Chrono Nanae works.
15th-Jan-2013 06:25 pm - Updates
Sorry for posting updates so late lately. I'm in last year of my collage so i barely keep up with what's going on which leaves me almost no time to socialize D:
And right now I'm trying to find the best way to order Vassalord vol. 7 LE so that the few of you will have a chance as well.

Anyway i'm just bearing few "news" this time.

Peace Maker Kurogane:
mag garden opened extra page for the ANiMiX, nothing new from last time, accept that release date changed to 31.5.2013

Just as for PMK mag garden opened extra page for Vassalord. OVA as well. Some time ago, I presume :/
Notable new information is that theme song will be done by Kokusyoku Sumire. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the duo but personally I think that they'll do wonderful and most befitting theme song possible. Violins and piano are guarantee and some opera-like sounds. Sometimes i have a bit of problems with the vocalist voice (she has a very distinc color) but non the less i love them (and apparently they're loved by people like Tim Burton as well o.O). Though most of their songs are on the upbeat side I'm linking here one of the ballads they've done live (just because you don't here them doing such songs very often :P)

Clicking on the big "CLICK" button on the site will bring you detailed cast listing. And yes it's the same as for Drama CDs :D (my memory is a bit weak so i can't remember if Christelle Ciari played Charley as a child, though).
Below you have character designed of Jonny, Charley and Marie and in last few days they added animation plan (lol, sry I don't know how that's called in English ^^), seems like before the fight from first chapter we'll see a bit of a flashback from the time they' met :D

And that's about it for the moment.
I'm keeping track of raws (mainly Momotama, you can get few latest chapters of vassalord. in the community) but uploads will have to wait for another time >_<
4th-Jan-2013 10:41 pm - Doujinshi It's my lifework
Remember this entry from more than year and half ago, the middle part... well it's my pleasure to inform you that awesome_box_djs were way to awesome and scanned the doujinshi :D and now i don't have to scan mine o/ ^^' ... go here for the goods, and don't forget to say thank you :)
Sigh... i promise one of these days i'll make proper update(s).

MAGCOMIC_ONLINE twitted today preview pictures from Peace Maker Kurogane Aburanokouji hen ANiMiX. ANiMiX was announced 2 days ago @ animate, but i found aout about it today though MAGCOMIC_ONLINE.
ANiMiX will be released on 13. 5. 2013 and will cost 3,979 yen and, unfortunately just as Vassalord vol. 7 LE it will be animate limited as well. The DVD will have newly drawn cover, will be about 30 minutes long and come with 16 pages long booklet.
16th-Oct-2012 02:20 pm - Vassalord OVA additional news
ANN published this news as well (but not much new is said).
I just wanted to inform you that avarus made an announcement about this on their blog today (early i must say ^^). And there you can see bigger picture, with no watermark, that i've linked in last news as well :)
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